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What is Mission 484: The Reminder Miles?
Juan Madrid is a US Navy SARC veteran. What is a SARC? A SARC is a special amphibious reconnaissance corpsman, who is assigned to MARSOC and Recon units. Mr. Madrid was assigned to 4th Recon Battalion and a veteran of the Gulf War. He witnessed first hand the struggle with PTSD after losing teammates to suicide, and also dealing with the same types of struggles in his own life after he retired. Mr. Madrid wanted to give back to the veteran community a message of hope and solidarity, and thus Mission 484 was born.
Inspired by the Carry Their Load event conducted by our Tarheels Chapter co leader, retired Army Special Forces SFC Chris McHargue who walked 22 miles carrying 222 pounds, Juan will be running 22 miles a day for 22 days in a row. This endurance event serves as an effort he is making to fight veteran and active duty suicide, and as a fundraiser for 22 Until None. The money raised will 100% go to assistance for veterans, in the hopes those veterans will stop for a moment and seek help. The message is he has been where you are, he has battled the demons and come out the other side. He survived and you can too. The miles he runs are a reminder of buddies he has lost, the battle we are still fighting against military suicides, and the hope that the military community will band together in solidarity to help each other.
Juan's event begins Oct 1. If you would like to contribute to the Mission 484 event, click the link below. Thank you!