I was born and raised in Houston and now reside here after eight years (2004-2012) as a Marine infantryman. I have served in both OIF and OEF.


What drove me to found 22UntilNone was the fact that I have lost more men at home than I ever did in combat. Our brothers and sisters deserve the best as they have earned it with blood, sweat, and tears.


I will stop at nothing to drive this number down to none.


Semper Fidelis!


Derek Cirilo




Chrystal Verrengia-Bushnell


-Vice President 


All of the staff at 22 Until None are volunteers and dedicate full-time hours to the cause, in addition to jobs and families. We have a very strong passion when it comes to our veterans. We will not stop until that 22 is down to none.


-Social Media Operator


Born an Army brat with a sense of adventure, I have been everything from an emergency dispatch operator to a librarian, and even an airman in the United States Air Force dealing in all things weather.


I grew up watching my dad and his men struggle with what they dealt with in the Army. As an adult, it was my turn to watch my brothers and sisters come home to wage the internal wars that no training prepared them for.


After listening to stories and watching people turn blind eyes to those struggling, I decided enough was enough. No one should feel so alone as to become one of the 22.

I served with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines in the 81mm Mortar Platoon of Weapons Company. I deployed to Helmand Province, Nawa District of Afghanistan. I joined 22 Until None to help give my fellow veterans the hand up they sometimes need.

I served as a ground supply officer in the USMC from 2000-2004, stationed at Quantico, Camp Lejeune, and Camp Hansen, Okinawa.


I am married (with two children) to a for Marine Corps Infantry Officer and I was stationed with him both at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms. Currently, I am the Family Resource Coordinator for UCLA's FOCUS/Wellness programs at the West LA VA.


I did veteran outreach for Habitat for Humanity, San Fernando/Santa Clarity Valleys.

Tyler Vaughn


-Board Member

-Social Media Operator

Melissa Lee


-Board Member

-Social Media Operator

I was born in Los Angeles, CA and grew up in Echo Park, enlisting in the Marine Corps via the delayed entry program in my junior year in high school and reporting to MCRD San Diego the day after my graduation.


An infantry machine gunner, I served his enlisted time at the Marine Barracks in Subic Bay, Philippines as well as the 1st Battalion 5th Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA.


After my initial enlistment, I attended Pasadena City College and Cal State LA, graduating with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice in 1998.


I earned my commission as a 2LT in 2000 and graduated the Infantry Officers Course in 2001. I then served with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines and participated in the initial deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. I served in a number of billets in the Marine Corps thereafter, including staff officer at the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion at SOI West as well as Civil Affairs Team Leader at 3rd Civil Affairs Group for my third combat deployment to Afghanistan.

Mac Jefferson


-Social Media Operator

Allied Forces Project

Mac was born in northeast England and currently lives in Sydney, Australia. I served in the British Army as a rifleman in the light infantry for five years, having deployed to a number of locations to include the Middle East.

I have lost brothers as a result of PTSD and depression, and decided I wanted to be part of the 22UntilNone team to help get to that magic number: NONE.

Stanton Lee


-Social Media Operator

Grant Overholser


-Social Media Operator

I was born and raised in Indiana, I’m currently in the Air National Guard, having transferred there after a decade in the Marines.


I’m a loadmaster on C-130s and have done my fair share of traveling. I have deployed multiple times and have met some great people, experienced different cultures and have seen different lifestyles all over the world.


I lost a great childhood/military friend to suicide in June 2016. It was then I decided to help as best I could.


My passion is to help and assist those who need it most in order to bring the 22 down to None.

I am a former civilian DoD worker for the Marine Corps and former 911 emergency dispatcher.


As for why I do this, its simple. I come from a large military family and have a large circle of friends who are vets. I expect them to have the care they deserve. But it did not hit home for me until someone I cared deeply for almost became one of the 22.


I believe we can make a difference as a team and bring that number to none. I am married to a former Marine infantryman and have one child.