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Task Force Kringle


In 2018, 22 Until None instituted their Christmas program for veteran families in need. That year, with help from some sponsors, we helped 11 families. In 2019 it grew to 18 families. For 2020 we helped 31 families. Application period opens Oct 1 every year and ends on Oct 31. Recipients are notified by Nov 1, so gifts will arrive by Christmas. Each family has up to $1000 to spend on Amazon for gifts, including shipping and tax.


*Past recipients are not eligible*


*We will not be chasing down paperwork for applications. If your documentation isn't correct the first time it will be rejected.

*Must have DD214 form 4 OR 2 showing discharge status with honorable discharge

*Must have a VA disability rating of 30% or more

*Must have children under 18 in the house and listed as dependents through the VA. They must be YOUR children naturally, through marriage or legal adoption. Relatives and significant other's children are not eligible. You will upload a screenshot of your VA dependents list from Ebenefits.

*Must have a situation causing great financial hardship to the household: medical event causing a lot of bills, catastrophic accident to home or self, loss of employment, being on EBT, medicare, homelessness, victim of crime, etc.

*Must show proof of the financial hardship, this is not negotiable and an explanation only is not sufficient. Examples of proving hardship are current SNAP benefits, unemployment from your county/state, Medicare benefits, medical bills, repair bills, homeless program participation,  etc. If you do not upload any proof of financial hardship you will not be selected.

*If you are a recipient, you forfeit any future eligibility for this program. It also counts as a form of assistance. Past recipients are not eligible.

Applications must be submitted by the veteran themselves, with the veteran's contact info. Due to attempted fraud by ex spouses, we will not accept applications submitted with spouse's contact information. Before applying make sure you have your proof of financial hardship! You only get one chance to apply and will not be contacted until Oct 31.

2023 Application Period Begins Oct 1
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