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Chapter Program

In 2016 we launched our local chapter program. Our goal is to get local veterans involved with each other by doing activities in person. This in person contact reinforces veterans' commitment to each other for support and camaraderie. This in turn cuts down on feelings of isolation which are a contributor to depression and veteran suicide. If you are a veteran, reservist or active duty (these are private groups so unfortunately no civilians, thank you) and would like to join a chapter, please contact the chapter leader closest to you. We do require proof of service to join a chapter, by answering the listed questions when you join.
Chapters are for veterans, active duty and reservists only. They are open to veterans and servicemembers of any period, any MOS, combat & noncombat, all branches (even CG), male and female.

Arizona Chapter:                       Colorado Chapter:                              Texas Chapter

New York Chapter

New England Chapter

Florida Chapter

North Carolina Chapter

Ohio Chapter:

Virginia Chapter

Southern California Chapter

Kentucky Chapter


Netherlands Chapter


We also have 2 additional peer support groups that are non location specific and a great place to vent and be heard by other veterans and service members.

22 Until None Keepers:

22 Until None Sisters Keepers (female veterans and servicemembers ONLY):

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