Emergency Financial Assistance
* We do not assist with rent, mortgage, credit card bills, child support or legal fees/fines.
* We only assist with utilities, food cards, gas cards (only for Quik Trip stations), some insurances or car payments. These bills MUST be able to be paid online, we do not send checks.
* You MUST have a dd214 with your discharge status showing on it (no other documents or version will be accepted)
*Other than honorable or general discharges must have an explanation and/or proof if possible. They are case by case basis and must go to a board vote
*If you have a disability rating you must upload the verification letter (from ebenefits)
*You must upload the complete bill you are requesting assistance with. It must show your name and account number.
*We do not give cash, give to gofundme links or share gofundme links
*Failure to upload the correct documents with result in rejection in application
*Assistance can take up to 2 weeks depending on workload