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The Flag Story ... by SSGT David Biehl (11/18/83 - 11/10/11)

I joined the United States Army at the age of 17. I was a junior at Central Valley High School when I joined. I wanted the privilege and honor to represent my flag in a foreign country. I have worn this flag for two years in Iraq. I have worn this flag with pride and honor. This flag has witnessed many wars, but the flag I wore saw only what I saw. It watched on the 15th of March 2003 when I walked into Iraq to bring freedom to a country. It watched on the 1st of July 2003, when I held 1SG Christopher Coffin in my arms as he died in combat bearing the same flag that I wore. It watched when I entered a torture room that held girls as young as 14 years of age, freeing them from their prison. It was a symbol for everyone around me during that time. It has always been a symbol, and will always be a symbol. For some, when they witnessed me walk into their village or home wearing this flag, they were filled with hope and the emotion of relief from their fears. For some, when they witnessed this flag, they were filled with terror and fear because they themselves caused so much of the same feelings in others. For me, this flag that "I wear" represents a light that pierces through the darkest of countries as a hope that there will be a better life. I have the privilege to represent you! You gave me the privilege to carry this flag into combat so that others will have HOPE. I have made an oath to protect this flag against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God!

SSGT Biehl's post was generously sent to us by his mother, Dawn. Sadly SSGT Biehl was one of the 22 on Nov 10, 2011.

Photo of SSGT David Biehl, courtesy of his mother, Dawn Biehl

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