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Task Force Field Op

22 Until None has a long standing tradition of supporting different activities to help deal with the effects of depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc. Whether its physical fitness, yoga, art, writing, building things... the result is the same. These activities help restore us, help us relax, disconnect us from every day stressors, and help us release pent up anxieties.

Task Force Field Op serves the veteran community two-fold: 1. It gets us out of our daily grind, away from overwhelming daily influences and out into nature. 2. It helps veteran families connect outside of the home, doing healthy activities, while visiting our beautiful national (or local) parks.

The Program:

The veteran will apply using the application link, and upload all required documentation. The application period will run until July 1, 2021 and families will be notified within a week if they are accepted. 22 Until None will choose as many families as our budget allows, who correctly applied.

22 Until None will pay for: National Park/ local park/regional park/state park campground reservations, camping equipment, fishing equipment (if applicable and within budget), cooking equipment for the campsite, and/or food. Many national parks are moving to a reservation system due to covid, the NPS link is here:

If you are visiting a regional or state park we will also help with those reservations. Camping equipment will be sent directly to your home in time for your trip. Veteran and their family will be responsible for their own travel, and anything else that does not fit into the generous budget we have allowed.

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