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Task Force Mandatory Fun

In 2019, 22 Until None began an annual family bonding program called Task Force Mandatory Fun.
This program is specifically designed for veterans who had children when they deployed to a combat zone. Deployments are a large stressor on families and can take years to build the bond back afterward. TFMF is designed to have a family vacation together to help heal those bonds.

*Must have at least 4 years service with DD214 showing honorable discharge

*Must have had children during or before the deployment, and children must be under 18 currently. 2-3 children max.

*Must have deployed to a combat zone listed: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Africa  

*Must have a disability rating from the VA

*Family size including spouse/significant other must be no more than 5

*Must be nominated by someone other than yourself

*Budget for family chosen is $3500 and paid directly to the supplier (flight, hotel, food, etc)

*Only 3-5 families chosen per year

Program closed due to inflation
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