Wellness Program

22 Until None is a firm believer in augmenting traditional therapy with newer methods to help treat the symptoms of PTSD: depression, anxiety, etc.
In that light, our Wellness Program seeks to offer a way for some veterans to try different classes they may be interested in but may not have a means to afford at the time. This is a one time assistance, and is counted toward the numbers of times a veteran can receive assistance.

*Must have a DD214 member 4 copy with honorable discharge

*Must have a 50% VA disability rating for PTSD by itself. If you have a combined rating of at least 50% but the rating for PTSD is not 50% on its own you will not qualify.

*Class types you can apply for: art classes, self defense, writing, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, float tank, equine therapy (if within budget), gym membership (if within budget and gym allows it from a 3rd party).

*To apply you will need your DD214 showing discharge status, ratings breakdown letter from the VA, and a flyer or brochure from the location you wish to take a class that shows pricing (screenshots from websites are allowed). We will pay the provider directly if you are approved.